Catching Up, Sunkissed Finish, Vintage Sheet Finds & A Michael Miller Win!

Hello everyone! I have been out of town for a few weeks so I need to catch up on my blog. Sorry in advance for cramming a few things into one post!
I finished the crib quilt to my Sweetest Thing crib set before I left. I need to get proper photos but here are a couple quick ones for now. I just realized the quilt is photographed upside down, the birds are hanging instead of sitting...oops! I used Art Gallery Pure Elements in banana cream for the binding. This stuff is AMAZING to bind with! It lays so smooth and no annoying frays in the way to hold up the process. I love Art Gallery! More pictures and a proper post when I get pictures of the set in it's new home.

On my trip I found some vintage sheets at a thrift store. It was a total score and my collection is growing, woo hoo! I love the orange set on the right. I may cut some up for my stash and add a section in my Etsy shop the remaining pieces since I want a variety, and the sheets are a lot to have of one print. 
While I was away I received an email from Michael Miller fabrics notifying me I won their camera bag giveaway! I wasn't sure what the bag size would be. I wondered if it was a "camera" bag or a bag made with this Urbanista camera print in laminate. When I got home and opened this box up...wow! This bag is amazing and way more than I ever expected!
It is big and sooo well constructed, I absolutely love it! This is my first time seeing their fabric in laminate, and if you haven't seen it in person, you are missing out! It is so smooth and soft, not stiff at all. I will definitely be using more of this for sure. I don't know what they used in between fabric layers, but it's puffy and fluffy and so darn soft. Even my husband was like,"that is a really nice bag"!
The hardware is heavy duty, great quality stuff as well. I feel so lucky to have won this. I have went to my sewing room a couple few times just to look at it again!
Thank you Michael Miller fabrics!! I love the quality of your fabrics and now I love your laminate as well!

I quickly put together a couple teacher Christmas gifts for my grand daughter's teacher last night. A gift bag in Aspen Frost, a bookmark and a composition book cover. If you need a fast gift, this journal cover tutorial from Stitched In Color is the one I used. I know there are several out there, but this was the easiest one I found. No clasps or anything to fuss with and it fits perfectly.
Last but certainly not least, my Sunkissed hourglass quilt is DONE, yay! I am going to do a seperate post for this quilt. As long as it waited to be finished, it deserves it's own post. I need to get more pictures but here is one for now.
I officially have ZERO unfinished projects!
Sorry for the long and all over the place post, have a great week everyone :)


  1. Love that first quilt Christine! The colors look so cheerful and bright. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Remona! I appreciate you stopping by :) I became a new follower of your blog yesterday, love it!

  2. Zero UFO's?? I can't begin to imagine lol. I love that first quilt. Great fabrics and such a nice simple pattern really lets the fabrics stand out.

    1. Thanks Mara! Yes, no UFO's lol! I try to keep stuff finished before starting new things. For a bit I had quite a bit going on and I felt so disorganized. It feels good to start without something else nagging at me! Thanks for stopping and commenting :)


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