Art Gallery Littlest Quilt

I have been wanting to make a whole cloth quilt and I needed a quick gift. I love the prints in Art Gallery's new Littlest line. I chose my two favorite prints along with some Pure Elements Grapefruit from one of my favorite shops, For Sew It Seams. Melissa is carrying some Art Gallery now, she also has many other wonderful fabrics and her prices are great. I always like to share where I get my fabrics from. These little shops are all so kind, they deserve a shout out! :)
Anyway, I only got three shots.
The front:
 It is quilted in a 3.5 inch grid. I find it strange that one direction or the other of quilting always disappears in the photos. Another reason I'm camera hunting. Have I mentioned lately that I dislike my camera! Moving on.
An upclose of the cute little bunnies:
And the back:
I really, really love this panel print, it's so pretty! I also love binding with Art Gallery fabrics. It goes so smooth and easy. I literally can be done in about half the time because I'm not fiddling with annoying frays that are in the way. It lays so flat and cooperates so well. Sorry if I have mentioned that before, but it's true!
I thought making a whole cloth quilt would be so fun and rewarding. I discovered, for me, it just wasn't! I felt like I was cheating. It just isn't the same as making a regular quilt. There are some GREAT whole cloth quilts out there that I adore, so no offense to their great makers! I will probably make another someday. There will be other prints I love and don't want to cut up. However, this definitely isn't my "thing".
This quilt finished at 40 x 43. The recipient likes gray and pink, so this came pretty close. It's more peach than pink, but it's still cute.
I'm debating now if I want to do an Art Gallery Tule lap quilt or a Kate Spain Daydreams mini. We shall see...thanks for stopping by!
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  1. What a gorgeous panel! love those bunnies :)

  2. What a wonderful quilt! The bunnies are adorable and the panel makes for a perfect backing!

  3. So cute! I may need to get a bundle of that fabric. My husband always gets annoyed when I buy fabric because he thinks since I have bolts of fabric I should have enough. He doesn't get it. :)
    I think Tule or Daydream would be beautiful I can't wait to see what you decide.

    1. Dang blogger/email! I did not realize you had been commenting because I got no notifications ugh. That's why I'm responding now to all of them! That fabric is so cute I love it :) I can see how a husband would think that way lol. They don't get it. However, my husband is always buying parts and iron and junk he doesn't need (or I think he doesn't, ha!). So we just kind of don't say anything about the others purchases LOL. Thanks for stopping :)

  4. I love your whole cloth quilt. I think it is so sweet, and as the maker of some whole cloth quilts... No offense is taken. ;) When you start practicing FMQ you may change your mind. I find they are so helpful when practicing, because they are large enough to get the feel. I then usually donate or gift them.

  5. Very cute. I particularly like the side with the flowers. I am considering making a whole cloth quilt soon, because I have a particular idea in mind, but I have a feeling they won't really be my thing, either.

  6. I think your quilt is wonderful; and it never dawned on me to use large prints for the front and back that way. I had to look at the photos again after your comment about your camera, and then the vertical lines visually showed up for me!

  7. What a cute bunnies! I love the back as well!


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