Home At Last!

 She took her first stitches this summer :)

 3,500+ miles later, I am finally home, woo hoo! We have had my oldest grand daughter for a couple weeks and made a trip to Washington state for a wedding. We decided to make a little vacation out of it, something we haven't been able to do in a very long time. We have never been to Idaho, Washington and Oregon. It was a long trip for me health wise, but I wanted to share a few highlights.
First up was my husband and grand daughters first time seeing the ocean!

My favorite part of this too long trip was Oregon. I didn't enjoy the coast drive as much as I had hoped. It was way too busy for my liking. After we headed back east to see Crater Lake, the drive was beautiful! My husband had Crater Lake on his bucket list and it was stunning!

In all those miles we only directly passed by ONE quilt shop. I was tired and didn't want to bother but he turned around and stopped for me :) It was Tater Patch Quilts in Merrill, OR. It was a lovely store with lots of variety and beautiful quilts hung throughout. I wanted so badly to take some pictures but I wasn't sure how shop owners feel about that, so I didn't ask. Next time I will however! I grabbed a charm pack I hadn't seen in person, I love it! I also have been wanting to try Mary Ellen's Best Press. Downstairs was a bargain room and I found a couple great patterns cheap. I was thrilled to see the Gutermann thread I've put off ordering to finish my Nordika quilt. $2.49 for two spools, yay! My grand daughter said I should just buy all the beautiful fabric that was half off, love the minds of a 7 year old! When we went back upstairs my husband had bought me a book highlighting the quilt shops in every state. So thoughtful of him, he knew I'd never spend the money on something like that :)

 I am grateful to have seen things I've never saw before, but probably will never do that long a trip again until my health improves. It's good to be home. Now I'm going to get back to my Tule quilt. It's all basted and ready for quilting. Hopefully I can finish that up to share this week.

I hope you are all having a great summer, see you soon!


  1. Glad you are safe home! It looks like from the photos that you had a lovely holiday. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt; looks lovely!

  2. Glad you enjoyed parts of the trip. Crater Lake is gorgeous, and what a good husband for turning around without being asked. :)

  3. Glad you could take a vacation, just make sure to ake care of yourself too. So fun to see your granddaughter sewing. Have a great week!

  4. Wow it looks beautiful out there! I've only been that way once when I was a preteen so don't remember any of it. :-) I can't wait to see your Tule quilt. I haven't done much sewing or blog reading this summer and miss it.

    1. I can't wait to go your way someday! I have never been east of Kansas City. I want to see TN, NC, SC, Georgia and those kind of places so bad. Someday! :)

  5. So glad that you were able to pull off this trip Christine! You made some great memories! I love the Pacific northwest!


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