Are You Aware?

I have been meaning to do this post for awhile now. After even more frustration in my email boxes, it is time. I haven't seen many bloggers talking about this, which surprises me.
Some time ago I mentioned I was not getting email notification of some comments on my blog. Susan from The Bored Zombie kindly offered to help. I am not very tech savy, thank you Susan! She attempted to explain and I got most of it but will not even try to convey her wisdom :)
What it boils down to is this. I use yahoo mail, and I am not getting any notifications of comments on my blog that are from another yahoo user. Also, when I comment on any of your blogs and you are a yahoo user, you aren't seeing my comments either. This is SO frustrating because replying to comments is very important to me! Yes, we can comment directly on the post, but how many people ever go back to check if you replied?
Another blogger commented about this on Facebook asking for help. She is a hotmail user. I told her to check if the problem was from other hotmail users. Sure enough it was! I don't know if this is happening with all email servers or not.
I really have no words of wisdom or what to do about this. I just wanted you all to be aware that you may not be getting notification of all your comments. And others may not realize you have left them a comment. If anyone else has this problem or an answer, please share with us! I am curious as well to know if this is happening in gmail?? I bet if some of you check your emails for delivery failure notices (some go in my spam too), that you will discover the same problem. When I get a comment from a yahoo user, I do not even get it in spam. The only way to see these comments is if I am browsing through my posts. So you will not realize they are there unless you are at your post. I only get delivery failure notices of comments I leave on a blog that uses yahoo as well.
Now the past few weeks, all of my emails from blogs that I subscribe to by email are going to spam. Every.Single.One. Anything quilt related goes straight to spam, ACK! So I have to make sure I sort out all my spam every day too. Even if I mark them as not spam, they still continue to fall into my spam folder. I'm really fed up with yahoo. I've had the same email for eons and I don't want the hassle of changing everything that is attached to it, but I'm getting real close to that point!
I would love it if anyone that has gmail would chime in on this post and let me know if they are experiencing this also. I'm curious if comment notifications from one gmail user to another are being received.
Thanks and keep your eyes open for comments you don't know are there!


  1. I use Gmail and I was having issues with ALL notifications for a while - they were all going to my spam directory. So I carefully went through my spam directory, marked them all as "NOT SPAM", and now they come through to my inbox just fine. Whew!

  2. I use Gmail for all things quilt related. Although I don't get very many comments, the ones I do get go to my gmail. I never have anything in spam. There are a lot of things you can do w/different email accounts these days such as importing accounts from different servers and email forwarding. I pray you get it figured out or if you do switch, I pray it's a smooth transition.

  3. So interested to read this! I'm with yahoo, and just recently discovered a large number of comments 'awaiting moderation' which had never come through to my email, and therefore not been published or replied to :-( I now check every so often for more like that.

  4. Christine, I used to be on AOL... 18 years there, and many of them thinking about moving. It actually wasn't to difficult to change email addresses, but it took a bit of getting used to the new format of gmail. But sometimes gmail will just arbitrarily decide that an address it's accepted a dozen times is now Spam. So far it has been okay with my blog though.

  5. I have charter and Gmail and have problems with both

  6. I haven't noticed any problems with my gmail so far. It must be very frustrating in deed! Hope it gets sorted out. xxx

  7. I have Gmail and all my comment notifications come through and I've never had one go to spam. I also don't get any delivery failures when I post on other blogs.

    If you do switch, you should be able to make your Yahoo email forward to a new gmail account. I have 3 or 4 emails that all come in to my 1 gmail account. Then you don't have to change it everywhere!

  8. I have one gmail that is just for my blog. In the beginning "no reply" comments went to spam, but I changed that easily. I don't use comment moderation, and I receive emails for every comment. I do read comments on my blog frequently, so I am sure about not missing them.

  9. So frustrating - I've just found a comment on my blog 'awaiting moderation' which you left a week ago... It didn't come to my email, and it won't let me reply :-(


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