Baby Plus Quilt Finished

I finally finished the baby plus quilt. I ran out of pink thread while I was doing the binding, this time I bought a big spool. I figured having 5 grand daughters now...it will get used! It is made with Sunny Happy Skies/Riley Blake fabrics in the pink colorway.

Each plus is made with (2) 3.5 inch squares and (1) 3.5 x 9.5 rectangle. This is my first plus quilt and I will most likely make more, I just love them. Luckily I had learned how to join pieces starting in the center when I made my Sweet Jane's Tea Party quilt. As I was stacking my rows up for sewing, I hit a hmmm moment. The vertical rectangles on the sides couldn't be stacked in a square like the others. So I had to sew a few rows without the end pieces, then join them all together using this method (I am still unsure what this is called). If I hadn't experienced this already, I would have had a tough time figuring out something that is quite easy. As always, no matter how simple or complicated, I learn something from each quilt I make.

 The back and binding I purchased on sale, a long time ago. It wasn't my preferred choice, but it's what I already had. I quilted along both sides of every seam, the same way I do the patchwork quilts.
It finished up at 36x44. I love this little cutey and it has been added to my Etsy shop sold!

On a different note, if you saw my Bijoux post here, I added a few pictures that turned out a bit better. 
I put together another baby quilt top a couple days ago on a whim. I had a charm pack and 2 car strips from the Peak Hour/Riley Blake line. This is my first creation of my own and I love how it's turned out. It's hard (for me anyway) to come up with different ideas using just one charm pack, and not be just squares. So I'm pretty happy that I came up with something that turned out so cute :) Just need to layer and get it quilted.
Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

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