It's Been Awhile

I was just getting in my groove of blogging with lots of quilt plans, when life happened to my family. My brother passed away Feb 28th and my Mom had a heart attack the next day. Many other not so enjoyable things happened as well, but I will keep the sad part of this post at a minimum.
Before I left, I was working on this flower quilt.
I had originally planned to do a baby quilt but when I returned my mind was at a blank on where I was even going with this. I have another charm pack of this Noteworthy fabric by Sweetwater for Moda. I'm thinking I may just continue and make a nice size lap quilt for a gift instead. I put it away for the moment.
I also wanted to share a couple pics of some feed/flour sacks I had started collecting. The first two photos are full sacks that have not been opened up. I'm going to save a few for my girls and grand daughters. Some have a little history with them that will be fun to include before I tuck them away for later years.

 I also purchased a few opened sacks that I'm saving to put into a quilt. The top fabric is 3 yards of vintage fabric that I won on ebay, I only paid 3.50 a yard!

 My Mom and sister had been finding me lots of good vintage sheets and pillow cases as well. I've really come to love vintage fabrics and feed sacks. I started to cut up some of the sheets, kept what I wanted, and listed a few pieces in my Etsy shop. That's the only thing left in there right now. I was fortunate enough to sell all the quilts I'd made up. I am going to be adding lots of vintage sheet pieces when I am able to get them cut up.
I realized I'd been hoarding and not made one quilt from my Sweetwater fabrics! They are one of my favorite designers and figured it was time to start using some of my stash. I needed a simple quilt with so much going on right now. I got the blocks all ready, now I just need to join them.
I really liked my trial layout and think this will be a cute lap quilt. I had a small surgery yesterday so it will be a bit before I'm able to put this together. Hopefully soon though!
I hope everyone is well. I spent yesterday catching up on some blogs that I've missed out on.
Thank you Cristina for wondering what happened or where I'd been. Your friendship and kindness gave me the get up I needed to start sewing again and get a blog post up. I treasure you :)

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