The Ladder Is White & Tule Progress

After stalking photos of other people's quilt ladders, I decided on white. I found two photos that were the same wall paint color as mine, one with a black ladder and one with white. I thought the white looked best for what I needed. It still needs another coat of paint but I'm happy to be able to use it today for a couple quick pictures.
I am only half done with the quilt top. I'm not feeling up to par again, but some progress is better than none!

I thought perhaps buying a higher quality memory card would help with my camera issues, but it did not. The pesky specks of white and shadow strip are still lurking in some of my photos. I've decided to get the Canon Rebel t3i, thanks for the recommendations from a couple readers! I did some homework and I think that will be a good choice for me for now :)

Have a great weekend friends!
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A Tule Lap Quilt

I got the idea for my newest lap quilt the minute I saw this wonderful quilt over at Pretty Little Quilts. Isn't is great? Love those colors! Her quilt pattern is from Camille Roskelley's book Simply Retro. When I looked it up, I realized the blocks are set on point. I wanted mine straight, which is how hers appeared in the photo. I had 10 fat quarters of Tule by Leah Duncan that I wanted to use.

 I couldn't find any graph paper so I drew one up (yes, it isn't all square) and got out the colored pencils. I tried it with 4 inch squares and it worked out perfectly for the fat quarters I have! I love it when that happens :) I actually ended up cutting into a 1/2 yard piece as well because I love the print.

I guess it's pretty much a granny square that isn't set on point. I'm sure someone has made it or there is a pattern somewhere out there. I made up my own for the size I wanted. I could have saved on cutting and piecing by using longer strips for the 2 and 3 piece sections but I wanted to keep everything the same so it would go together well. Sometimes my figuring gets off and creates more work, so I stuck with the 4 inch squares all the way through. Everything is cut and it's about half way pieced. I'm hoping to finish the top over the weekend. The only thing I'm concerned about is that some of the lighter prints will get lost in the white and lose the pattern design. But I still think it will be pretty!

I also have to share this new Butterfly Dance bundle I got from Vintage Fairytale. Staci had a bundle sale and I couldn't resist this, it's so darn cute!
Have a great weekend everyone!