Scattered Projects

I've been working on so many things that I don't have a full post on any one thing. I've been wasting spending a lot of time picking fabrics for the Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Along. The first 3 blocks are done. I really enjoyed making the chick block. I will definitely make the full size quilt from the book in the 12 inch block, it's adorable!!

I found a decorative stitch on my machine to use in place of embroidery for the legs.

The pieces in these blocks are so small and this is new to me. I need more practice!

This block has 3 true vintage fabrics in it. They are a bit thinner than I like so I'm not sure I will use more in this quilt or not.

Last week I finished the first block of the Hillside Houses Quilt Along at Pretty Little Quilts. Blocks 2 and 3 are up and I'm excited to see this come together. The blocks are huge, 20 inches. This is a fun one! It's just getting started if anyone wants to jump in :)

I cut up some pillowcases the other night and decided to make up a vintage sheet quilt for my sister. I'm learning a few things from this one. I've never used polyester batting in a quilt. My Mom always sent us quilts backed with a sheet and she always used polyester batting. They were the softest, most comfy quilts ever. I wanted this one to have that comfy factor. I used a good batting from the Warm Company. I have learned basting spray doesn't stick so good to polyester batting. The back is a bit baggy to my dismay. Sorry for the dark and quick picture. I'm almost done quilting it now and will get more photos.

I used a microtex needle to piece and quilt this. Another first for me on a quilt. I love them! The quilting stitches seemed so much smoother and even. I think I'm going to try one with a regular quilt as well. It worked so great for me.

I will be back in a couple days with more pictures when this is done, and if it stops raining (no complaints here, we need it). Have a Happy Mother's Day!