Finished Quilts!

I'm super happy to share some very old WIP's that are now completed quilts! These were all turned into gifts. The photos are just things I snapped with my phone in crappy lighting.
First is the second Witch Hazel quilt I've made.

This quilt was worked on in 3 different states, on different machines and with different thread. I lost points and it was really kind of a mess. When I saw Farm Fresh Stitches on IG had a Halloween special, I knew this was the only way I'd love it again. So I sent my first quilt off to a long arm quilter! Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed. She was super sweet and did a fantastic job!

I used her beautiful packaging to wrap it back up after I added binding. Yep, I love it again :)

Next up was this Camelot fabric I won years ago that sat unfinished because my quilting lines were not even and the colors were out of my comfort zone. It's still far from perfect but it's super soft and comfy and is going to my youngest grand daughter for Christmas.

The backing is a navy plume print from Fort Worth Fabric Studio from years ago. I added chunks of left over fat quarters from the front to the side and it's super cute. The orange binding is the same print.

The last old finish is my much loved Nordika fabric by Jeni Baker for Art Gallery Fabrics. It also was set aside due to very uneven lines. Lines that went to far and were backstitched etc. The fabric is so beautiful I decided it needed to be done anyway.

I had made half square triangles along with Northcott Seafoam and just arranged them until I liked it.

The back was a Nordika panel along with all the scraps. I am going to try to be more patient and piece backings again. I really do love them, I just don't like doing it. This one is going to another grand daughter for Christmas.

I have a few more, not so old, quilts to share in another post!

Things I learned finishing these quilts:
1. Sometimes finished really IS better than perfect. It's freeing to have some things out of the way that were taking up space in my brain and my sewing room. Everything doesn't have to be perfect and it usually never will be.
2. I've really gained knowledge as a quilter, more than I ever give myself credit for. I remember these quilts being scary and disasters and I didn't know what to do. So they hung on a ladder for years. When I unrolled them, they weren't so scary anymore and I wondered why I'd waited so long to finish them.
3. It's not easy remembering what you were doing after so many years. What thread you were using, what reference points you were using to space your quilting, etc etc. For me, it's easier to just finish.
4. Disasters can still end up being ok. Fingers crossed for this one :)
5. Blogs are great diaries. Great for remembering when you made something (or started it!) It's nice to have a dated record of things. I'm going to be better at updating mine as I finish things.


  1. It really is true about "Finished being better than Perfect". Each of these quilts turned out so sweet and you would never know they had held you up with fears of disaster. Love the pieced backings too Chris. Usually when I'm at that point in a quilt, I just want it to be done and don't have the patience to piece the back. It always adds such a nice touch though.
    Congrats on these three pretty finishes!

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