Last of the 2018 Finishes

These last two have been done quite awhile. First is my flag quilt

I'm sure most of you are aware of Camille Roskelley's ever popular Flag Quilt.
I finally got around to making one too and I love it!

Most of the prints are from the Patriotic Mini's line from Connecting Threads
There are few other red, white and blues thrown in from a scrap pack I purchased from Farm Road Quilts The mint is a solid also from Connecting Threads.

I quilted organic wavy lines that I wish I'd done more densely now but it's still ok! I used a light gray Gutermann thread.

I pieced a backing! It's so much prettier in person than the photos show. I used some leftovers and another patriotic mini print with stars.

The binding is also a stripe from Patriotic Mini's. It finished at 52.5 x 67 after washing. It was gifted to a family member in the Army for Christmas and he loved it!

The last "quilt" that needs included in my 2018 quilts is what I call the ugly quilt. My husband has asked for a wool quilt forever. I found two fabrics his mom had given me oodles of. I'm assuming she'd had it a long time. I washed them both and decided fabric was tougher back then. Neither had any shrinking or bleeding and one is flannel! Great quality, whatever it is!
They were both wide enough to do a whole cloth on both sides thank goodness!
I threw all my pickiness and rules aside on this one. I used a cream colored wool military blanket for the batting. I used a wavy stitch on my machine and quilted it simply to keep the layers together. It was HEAVY!!

I left enough fabric to fold over, and sew down. It slightly drove me crazy not having things exactly even or tidy looking. I measured nothing and that's hard for me! I knew it was going to work with him so I just finished up and said done! It's not winning any beauty prizes, but I'll tell ya, it is one warm quilt! It ended up 64 x 72 and was his birthday gift in September.
Now onto 2019, wishing you all a healthy and happy new year!!


  1. Oh wow - just love the minty background behind your flags Chris. They look great! It must have been fun seeing how each flag turned out.
    Was it hard to maneuver such a heavy wool quilt through the sewing machine? My arms would have pooped out on me, lol. Glad your husband likes his nice warm quilt.

  2. Wonderful fabric design. I found another fabric store which is Broadway Fabrics.


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