Quilts 2012

My first "real" quilt. This was made before I really knew what I was doing. I also had not purchased a good machine yet. The stitches are a mess, I hadn't learned that you need to lengthen your stitch when quilting. I put this quilt together not knowing who Kate Spain was or that chevrons were the popular thing. It was a pattern I knew I could do and I loved the Good Fortune fabric.

Forgive the lousy pictures, I hadn't expected to be blogging when I took photos in the beginning. These are 3 tumblers I made for my grand daughters.

This baby quilt was made for a special little girl named Autumn. I used the tutorial from Elizabeth Hartman called Charm Squares Baby Quilt. If you need a quilt in a hurry, this was super fast to put together!


  1. Very nice! Also I was wondering you get your quilt labels done?

    1. Thanks :) I honestly don't remember where I got these labels done. I didn't like the way they wrinkled up when I washed the quilts. So I now buy from Jennifer's Jewels. She did my triangles & squares square labels that I have on my more recent quilts and I love them! Her website is jjlabels.com

  2. I haven't seen those labels. I will have a look at her website. Thanks Christine. xxx


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