Quilts 2014-Current

Gossamer Baby Quilt

Witch Hazel

Skipping Squares
Posy 16 Patch
Jingle Stars
The Enchanted Road

Daysail American Honey Quilt
Christmas Quilt
Dreamin Daisies

Vintage Frogs Quilt
Peak Hour 2

Tule Quilt
Art Gallery Littlest Quilt
Sweetwater Reunion Quilt
Nordika WIP
Indian Summer
Vintage Sheet Quilt

Backyard Baby #2, Tumbler
Backyard Baby Quilt

Dreamin Vintage Baby Scrap Quilt

Ambleside Sparkling Gemstones


  1. Wonderful quilts, my two favorites are Nordic WIP and Tule quilt. Not only I like the fabrics and design, but also the way you have quilted them. Looking forward to see more of your quilts! Barbora

  2. You have made some beautiful quilts. And your quilting is so neat!


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