Feed Company BOM and The Latest

The first of my Sweetwater Feed Company Block of the Month Quilt goodies from Lady Belle Fabric arrived today! The first thing I did was make one of the recipes :) My husband thought I was joking, I was not!

I'm so excited to have gotten in on this BOM. I thought I had missed out when Sweetwater closed their sign ups. I was thrilled when I saw Lady Belle post on Instagram that she had spots open, woo hoo!
I went missing after my last post, but for good reason. On a whim, I cancelled all my doctor appointments for the following two weeks and went to Phoenix to visit my kids and grand kids. It was nice to get away from everything. I got to do a few things I hadn't been able to do the last few trips, I was just too sick. I went to Jo Ann fabrics and got some needed pins and etc. Those half off coupons sure are nice! We made a trip to IKEA. I got a few small things for my sewing room and a new cutting table. I love the table, perfect size 30 x 59, and it looks awesome! However, I learned to be careful what you buy there. The top is pretty crappy made. I now need to go to Lowe's and buy some L brackets to attach the top to the legs better. I still love it however! It has adjustable height and I love this. My old table was too low and it killed my back. Please disregard the ugly rental house carpet...

Those two cabinets in the back, my daughter got them both free from her employer! They are HUGE. I really wanted all my fabric out of the light and dust. They are wonderful. Someday when I move they will be painted white. The bigger one is so heavy it's crazy. My husband was not a happy camper so I won't be moving it out to paint anytime soon :)

I hit the closest Goodwill and found some great vintage sheets and pillowcases. That always makes me happy :)

Anyhow, I am home again and back to work on my Daysail/American Honey quilt. I just have the top two rows left to add on my blocks and they will be completed. I'm really loving this quilt a lot!!

I also finally got my blog/quilting stuff switched to Gmail. I'm hoping this solves the notification problems for my blog and the ones I visit. I can comment again and you actually will know it!

Have a great week everyone :) 


  1. I love that you made one of the recipes from the fabric! It sounds like you had a great trip visiting your family, and I'm glad to see your new things for your sewing room. Enjoy and take care.

  2. That recipe looks super yummy! ;) I am glad to hear you took a break and went and had a nice visit with family. Sometimes love is the best medicine...

  3. LOL Christine... now we know those recipes are for real!
    So glad to see that some happy things have come your way!

  4. It's nice to get away sometimes, looks like you had a good time ...
    The height of the table will definitely be better on your back, I had the same problem. I have a similar table I got at IKEA a few years ago with the extendable "A" legs that I use for my cutting table as well. Like yours, mine reign in the middle of my sewing place.

  5. So happy to hear you had a nice visit. And got to spend some time shopping. Your quilt looks so pretty. Looks like a fun project!

  6. I was going to have my guy make me a work bench style cutting table but I really like how the legs on that Ikea table are adjustable, there may be a trip in order soon. Oh and feel free to mail me one of those brownies, they look delicious!

  7. I wanted to do this so bad. I'll have to live vicariously through you though.
    I finally cleaned up my bloglovin feed and decided to get back to blogging more. I just haven't been that content with instagram lately


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