Hillside Houses

I wanted to share a quick post of my Hillside Houses quilt along top finish with you all.
I'm a little late in the game but my top is finally finished! In case you missed it and would like to make your own, you can visit Cristina at Pretty Little Quilts. She shares free instructions, the links are on her blog!

I figured out using so many different brands of solids in one top can render things a bit off. I'm not sure what caused it, but things didn't all line up so well in this one. Perhaps different shrinkage or stretch when steam pressing. It's pretty straight forward piecing and usually things end up pretty good for me. It was frustrating but I still love this design and I'm happy to have a finished top :)
I have been working on a few different things. I completed a few more blocks of the Farm Girl Vintage sew along. I am waiting on my last two blocks from the Feed Company BOM and it will be almost ready to complete. I also got all my rows of the Ambleside jelly roll quilt sewn. I just have to join the rows. I'm trying to complete a few things before starting anything else. I don't work well in disarray!

I, like most of you, try to keep my blog a happy and sewing related place to visit. However, life does happen to us all sometimes. I'm going to be gone for 2-4 weeks for a new doctor visit in Dallas, TX. The truth is, I'm just not getting better still. If anything, I've continually gotten worse. I've studied and done all I know to do and decided it was time to get some real help! Please say a prayer that when I return, I have answers and I'm improving...it's way past time for me to be well again :)

I missed posting a two year blog anniversary giveaway, so be on the lookout for that when I return! Take care friends and thank you again for following along with me and for the wonderful friendships I have made :)