UFO Finish

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fun and productive holiday weekend :)
I've been gone for most of the summer dealing with Dr.things still. I got to come home for a few days finally. I decided to finish up something that would be quick, since I only had a few days again.

The top had been done for a year or more?? I found a scrap batting and and quilted it up simply. I decided to hang it up in my Sweetwater corner.

These are quick and lousy pictures but again, not much time to play with. I wasn't going for my usual OCD perfection in any part of this project. I was going for a UFO finish and it feels great to have something that is DONE!

Awhile ago I got some photos from a shop in Ohio that had purchased my Daysail/American Honey quilt. It was exciting to see it hanging in the display window! :) Mine is the middle star quilt.

Ok, off I go again. I keep reminding myself one of these days this will all be over and I can finally just sew!
Until next time, take care friends!